Current Obsessions

I have a somewhat obsessive personality. I latch on to ideas, colours, songs, a particular line from a book or poem, etc. I draw inspiration from these little obsessions, and I love to share them.

It’s been nearly a year since I have blogged or written anything substantial, and as a result, I have been feeling rather dull. The truth is, I want to live a more creative life. I want to write more, travel more, share more. I am a very introverted, private person, and as a recovering perfectionist,  I forgo creating out of fear that my work isn’t important, that my voice is not needed. However, I have been re-reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic (a book on creative living), and it has emboldened me to start writing again. For better or for worse, I am most alive and happy when I am creating something.

So without further ado, here’s a list of my current obsessions:

  1. This shade of pink has me absolutely smitten.


2. “Banana buns” are currently trending in Paris, and as an out and proud Francophile, I am obsessed. Messy, undone hair is just so much sexier.


3. I have always been a bath-lover, but this terribly cold, dark winter has caused me to appreciate them even more. A Lush bath bomb and a cup of tea make bath time even more sacred.


4. This affirmation is my mantra for 2017. As I am searching for meaning and direction in my post-grad existence, I am holding onto these words.

yes mam.jpg

5.While I am not a very materialistic person, I do love shoes. I especially like the kind I can explore city streets and random villages in. I pre-ordered these throwback kicks in preparing for my summer adventures.

obsession of the shoe

6. I have listened to this audio version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s so many times that I could recite a faithful account by heart. Capote’s writing style captivates me; I love retreating into the little world of Holly Golightly and her nameless cat. Michael C. Hall narrates it, and his accents bring the story to life.


7. I have been an avid coffee drinker for years, but in the past month or so, my taste for it has been waning. Instead of my usual Americano, I have been enjoying a cup (or two or three) of PG Tips each morning.


So there you have it–a hodgepodge list of my current obsessions/inspirations. What inspires you? What do you do to live a more creative life?

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