Upcoming Travels

In a little over a month, I will board a plane to go explore the country of France. When I arrive, I will join up with three other friends to experience Paris, Tours, Périgueux, and Orléans. After ten days together, we will return to Paris and go our separate ways. 

From Paris, I will take the train to Bordeaux, Avignon, Nice, and Caen and will be staying at Airbnb homes in each city. I had such a positive experience last year with Airbnb, so I decided to only go through them for my accommodation.  

I will be gone for a month, so I am hoping to see a lot. I would love recommendations for sights, restaurants, etc. I am especially interested in WWII and art. I will be celebrating my 28th birthday while in Avignon, so I am looking for something special to do since I will be on my own at that point!

If you have any suggestions, please message me! 


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